Our Story

Naomi, an Organization of Women Architects & Design Professionals (OWA+DP) member, and former OWA+DP Steering Committee (SC) member met Bridget at the OWA+DP Holiday Party in 2017.  It was on that occasion that the subsequent OWA+DP program #Me Too & You can trace its origins.  

In 2018/19 Maryam and Bridget both served on the OWA+DP SC.  An idea of an exhibit hatched during this time. In mid-2019, Naomi and Bridget began chatting and thinking about a potential exhibit focusing on Women Architects.  Maryam quickly joined the Exhibit SC. As did Lauren, a then colleague of Bridgets’. Carol, another OWA+DP member also joined the team in 2019, lending their expertise as Jury Chair.  Ivea, also a member of and liaison to the National Organization of Minority Architects (NOMA) similarly joined Exhibit SC in 2019.  (Thanks June!)  

This effort relies on collaboration which is inherent within the Architecture/ Engineering & Construction (AEC) Industry.  Owing to this, rather than spotlighting the accomplishments of prominent individuals, WOMENWHODESIGN.ORG examines through storytelling the lived experience and contributions of the many.  During our journey, we have collaborated and talked with peers, colleagues, and friends.  We acknowledge and are grateful for these and future contributions.

Mission Statement

Leveraging this moment’s elevated awareness of the experiences of women in the workplace, and building on the collective action of multiple waves of women’s activism before us, we aim to create a space for dialogue. This initiative acknowledges and is motivated by the historical exclusion of women from the shaping of our environments and the minimizing of their contributions. The main objective is to provide a platform to ask what it means to be a woman in architecture, and through collaboration and exploration propose how it can be different. 

Women Who Designs’ Key Objectives:

  • Amplify women’s voices to give a fresh perspective on the status quo 
  • Situate exhibitors’ contributions within the larger contemporary discourse about women in society
  • Inspire ongoing reflection and change through honesty, specificity, and diversity of content
  • Empower current and future generations.

Women Who Designs’ Audience:

  • General public with an acute focus on young and future generations of women.

Steering Committee

Bridget Basham

Exhibit Content

  • Senior Designer, MWA Architects
  • B.Arch. RMIT, Australia
  • Unlicensed, but on a technicality. LOL

Bridget proudly achieved her B.Arch. with Honors from RMIT University in Australia, and thought, and thinks that was enough formal education for her.
Initially, her career was centered around thinking about environments for the public, and now, that is unchanged.  Following a family tradition of serving the broader community through vocation, Bridget is fortunate to collaborate with other passionate individuals around the Bay Area in an effort to address issues surrounding housing attainability and what the heck is going on with our natural environment!  
“My Mum is likely one of the Greatest Architects of this time; yet like many women of her generation, remains undercover as a retired nurse or teacher.”

Naomi Horowitz

Funding/ Sponsorship

  • Director of Housing, MWA Architects
  • AIA, Leed AP
  • M.Arch., M.I.T., 2005

Naomi was fortunate to spend her undergraduate years at Bryn Mawr College, a women’s college, where it was unsurprising to see women leading student government and classroom conversation. After forays into archaeology and non-profit administration, she returned to school for architecture, and is now a licensed architect. Through all this, a couple themes keep popping up: what are ordinary people going through, and how do their physical and social worlds relate to each other? Naomi has devoted most of her architectural career to affordable housing and community-serving projects.

“I believe in the power of stories to teach, to reveal submerged truths, and to connect us with each other.”

Maryam Moayery Nia


  • Co-Founder, ZarrinMoayery Studio
  • Ph.D. of Architecture, Polimi, Italy, 2014
  • Research Scholar, UC Berkeley, 2012-2014

A true traveler who lived, studied, taught, and worked in three different countries (some say continents) and just started a new life in a new place (country). 

A workaholic who dedicates most of her time to architecture, even while she is playing with her toddler boy with the legos, she is making study models for her projects. She is so happy to be part of this amazing project and working with this great group. 

“I am inspired by nature, religion, and society, and my least favorite design trend is when traditions are forgotten and cultures vanish. To unwind, I immerse myself in reading and writing, while listening to music.”

Lauren Prentice

Public Outreach/ Marketing

  • Administrative and Marketing Assistant at HKIT Architects
  • B.A. Art History, Arizona State University, 2015

Lauren is an emerging voice in marketing in the AEC field but has been working in the art and design field for over ten years as a ceramic artist and framer.

As an active member of the East Bay community, on weekends she can often be found walking through the streets of Oakland on First Friday, enjoying a beer at Fieldwork, or shopping in one of her favorite Uptown shops like Oaklandish.  She is passionate about connecting with people through social media, whether that be on HKIT Architects’ Instagram or on her personal account with plant and cat-related content.

Iveanette Santiago Rivera

Exhibit/ Event Logistics

  • Senior Associate, MITHUN
  • M.Arch., Rhode Island School of Design

Iveanette has 14 years of architectural professional experience in California on a wide range of project types and scales. However, she has an undeniable passion and deep commitment to affordable housing and sustainability.

Also, she advocates at work and her community to create a more inclusive, equitable and diverse design industry. In her free time, she can be found riding her bike through the streets of Oakland, exploring the outdoors, making/ crafting things at her studio or volunteering.   

 “I find joy in biking and inspiration in exploring the outdoors…. It frees my mind. I find peace with myself. It makes me feel strong and vulnerable at the same time. Exploring, respecting and coexisting with Nature allows humanity to understand their place in this world.”

Carol Mancke

Jury Chair

  • Director, Machina Loci 
  • Licensed architect (California, Japan, UK)
  • Senior Lecturer and Course Director, Kingston University, (2004-2014)
  • Adjunct Professor: USF, (2016-2018)
  • M.Arch, UC Berkeley

An architect and educator of architects, Carol has enjoyed a varied career in four countries and now noodles away at the intersection of fine art and human habitats. 

She is the founding director of the art and architecture collaborative practice Machina Loci and runs Machina Loci Space, a place for playful research into alternative ways of being, thinking, and doing together in Berkeley California.